The most interesting topics discussed in the lectures

In the final blog post I would like to talk about two topics that I found surprisingly the most interesting among all of the topics we discussed in the lectures for this course: Typography and Research.

It was interesting to finally understand where did serif and sans serif fonts came from but also how font faces influence our perception of the text we are reading. Text signs are everywhere around us in big cities and it is something most people don’t notice but which is so influential. After the lecture I have started paying a lot of attention to how signs are typed: what font faces they have, which parts of the text are bold, highlighted, etc… Even reading a book is now a bit of a struggle — I started noticing different typography of letters which is annoying sometimes since it distracts you from the book.

Another great topic that we covered in the class, in my opinion, is the importance of conducting a proper research before starting and while working on your product or project. I see this as a necessary part of whole software development life cycle now — it is so easy to get distracted or to go in the wrong direction with your product. And I can certainly relate to that — in my other software engineering classes after we have chosen an idea to work on, we never really give it a second thought, partially because we don’t have time to pivot, but also because we look on the product from engineers’ view: it’s important to build something that works properly, solves the problem it was designed for and maybe make it look decent. But we are rarely taught to think about it from customers or client’s perspective — would we use the tool we are building? Is it easy to use it?

Overall I think it is a very good class to take for future software developers who do get taught a bunch of math and engineering.

Do your users get more good than bad by using your system?


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