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Do I need to wear a sweater today? When do I need to leave the house to get to the party on time? I need some music right about now.

These and many more are questions and demands that we tell ourselves on a daily basis. In the past decade, a company has become its own official word in the dictionary to represent these types of questions. It is a word known all around the world as google.

Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world. The word is synonymous with asking a question and google wants to expand on that. They have recently created a home assistant called google home to do just that with just a simple command of “ok google”.

google home

The interface is quite simple, you simply start off with ok google and then ask away. I recently tried it out at a friends house and google home leverages all the questions they can answer on their main site to this device.

These questions don’t include going to websites that google indexes however the range is large enough that you should not notice a problem for day to day things. Weather, music, and navigation are all simple things google home can answer with a simple voice question.

Strictly speaking to the interface, google home is really convenient to answering your day to day questions however there are a few drawbacks. It cannot recognize its owner so anyone can use it. As google home can connect to your lights, thermostat, and anything electronic with the google interface in the house, this means people can play around with your house.

Another drawback of the voice interface is google home not being able to recognize your commands if there are a lot of noises in the house. This means during parties or if even the tv is loud enough, it will throw it off. This can be fixed when google adds voice recognition so that only when the owner or authorized users speak, google home will listen, ignoring all other noises.

In my opinion, without voice recognition, the google home interface is not good enough to justify buying it. Once that is implemented however, it will fix all the glaring problems that I noticed and allow the google home to become much more versatile.

A. Steak


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