Reddit …. oh how many hours have I spent mindlessly reading all the different articles being posted.

For those who do not know of it, Reddit is a website where people can create groups (subreddits) to post related topics and discuss them. In April 2016, the number of unique users reached 243 million. Reddit has become a online hub of millions of people for discussions and articles.

Reddit in Action

The above image is the homepage of Reddit. The simplicity of it is why I think reddit has become so popular. Scrolling down you can see different discussions users have started. At the top bar, you can see different popular subreddits or groups of like minded discussions. And all you need to sign up for the site is a email.

I believe the simplicity of their user design approach is what makes them so popular. You don’t need to be that experienced with computers to navigate a site like this.

And their design of subreddits is what I believe makes their site so good. Subreddits allows like minded people to meet up and discuss various topics. No one really cares about everything in the world, just the subset that affects or interests them.

Reddit even allows anyone to create a subreddit of their choice as long as it follows their terms and conditions. This means any topic that you want, either there will be a subreddit or you can create your own.

The only drawback I have found with their simple design is there search feature. Reddit only allows you to search by subreddit and title name. This means you cannot search topics by what people are posting in the comments. This is not a feature that a everyday user would want but as a advanced user, it would be really useful to help find the article that you may need.

Overall, I think reddit is the perfect location to discuss various topics in the world. Its open and simple design allow anyone to post and even though it may result in fake information, as long as you read the articles and do your research, you can learn a lot from it.

A. Steak


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