First came praise for good design. Then came criticism for bad design. Today, I present praise for absolute shit tier design.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present today’s topic, /r/Ooer, a subreddit on, well, … Reddit. It was created by a user called /u/Ooer in his namesake. It’s purpose? To screw with the CSS code as much as possible as a joke. Well, actually the original reason was for testing CSS code but it turned into a joke quickly enough to become what it is now (Source: www.goo.gl/vRThk1). It gained popularity after people stumbled across it and loved the chaos going on to be featured on /r/subredditoftheday and /r/wowthissubexists.

If you want to visit the subreddit yourself, check it out here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ooer/ (tip: this really only works if you’re on desktop, mobile experience not guaranteed)

Finished? Did you even bother checking it? Well, no matter the answer, here’s a screenshot anyway because I love you.

The beauty that is /r/Ooer

Now isn’t that just gorgeous? No? Maybe we’ve just got different tastes …

As you can see, it’s an absolute mess and under normal circumstances, we’d absolutely blast this for being gut-wrenchingly bad design. Fortunately it’s all intentional and shows to highlight that while CSS can be used to make gorgeous web content, it can also be used to create bottom of the barrel work like this.

Let’s start with how just about any hyperlink expands as you hover over it to take up a large amount of real estate.

Hyperlinked text “SOUR” being hovered over

Makes clicking a lot of content a righteous pain in the ass. Not shown in any of these screenshots is the cursor. I use gyazo for screenshots so the cursor disappears whenever I’m taking one. For your knowledge though, it’s a cute black, green, and orange diamond-patterned sock.

There’s also the fact that every string is appended with “OH MAN AM NOT GOOD WITH COMPUTER PLS TO HELP”. A nice little touch perhaps making fun of those who legitimately have no idea how to use CSS (and computers in general) properly. I’d screenshot this but it’s present in the above ones already.

Just for shits, I decided to see what it’s like with the subreddit style disabled. This little tidbit stuck out:

Uhhh… what?

Yeah, I dunno what that is either. Seems like they prefer chairs over garlic now though.

This is what the rest of the sub looks like without it’s stylesheet:

/r/Ooer sans stylesheet

Damn that’s different. Really just serves to further show just how bad CSS can be when the power is put in the wrong hands.

There’s other examples too like the modlist which while using the stylesheet anonymizes all the names, misspellings of a lot of things/usage of completely random words (like “wep” for “submit”) and their wiki which keeps track of GBP, GGP, and BGP (good boy/girl points and bad girl points respectively) of users (no update in a year though). The wiki can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ooer/wiki/gbp. It gives a better explanation than I can without me completely ripping it word for word (tip: disable CSS again for your sanity).

Oh and the Andy Sambergs everywhere. Yeah, I think those are just placeholders for images and the expandos (those little grey square clickable things under post titles).

Gotta admit, it really fits in well with the rest of the theme though.


On /r/Ooer’s origins:

Ooer wiki tracking GBP, GGP, and BGP:

All images sourced from /r/Ooer with screenshots taken by me.

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