Ritual.co’s online experience Sucks

By now everyone and their grandmothers must’ve heard of ritual.co. They’re a innovative service that allows users to order and pay for take-out without being physically present at store. After the purchase they can go to the store and pickup their food. Everything’s well and good with this idea and even the mobile app!

Things only start falling apart when you try to make an order using their Webapp. Yes I realize it’s in beta. But these design-choices are almost unforgivable.

At first glance everything looks well and good

How Ritual.co handle’s closed stores

They don’t.

Closed Restaurants showing up in “nearby” search

In what scenario would I want to order from a closed restaurant? Also the only two things as far as I can tell that inform me of the fact that the restaurant is closed, is the “CLOSED” tag. And the almost indistinguishable colour change to the item. The item doesn’t scream “DON’T CLICK ME, I’M POINTLESS”. The situation would be slightly better, if the item itself wasn’t clickable. But wait.

Order page has almost no sign of it being closed

I clicked a closed store and apparently I can place an order? There’s almost no signs of the fact that the store is closed except the small text “Business hours”, and the small “CLOSED” tag. Moreover why am I able to access this page at all if I can’t actually do anything with it?

An attempt to order just pops up a modal.

An attempt to order just pops up a modal not letting me do anything further.

A quick recap reminds us, that first we were able to look for closed places, we were then able to open the closed place’s menu, select items, add a credit-card and even click place order before I was told that I can’t order from here.

Handling Credit Cards

Adding a credit card should be a straight forward and seamless process, and it is in this case.

Adding a credit card.
Selecting a payment card

But when it comes to selecting a payment card, The only things I have visible to me are Card 1 and Visa. What if I have more than one visa! The least they could do is show me the last 4 digits of my card or even let me name it, when I enter my card details.

Don’t get me wrong, ritual.co is an amazing service. I just hate their webapp, which needs alot more work. I’m sure there would be more bad design choices if I looked. These two just stood out to me during my first experience ordering with them.