Thoughts about seat picking interface

People usually experience different kinds of seat selection when booking tickets for cinema, theatre… However, when we pick the seats, there’s most possibly a two-dimensional picture with a relative position towards the screen/stage. This is not very satisfying since seats are divided not only by different areas, but by different heights and thus exist from different perspectives from the screen. Although it is costly to attribute each seat with an individual view, the interface can be improved by assigning helpful pictures or descriptions to certain areas.

An intuitive and user-friendly interface should consider the actual experience when users purchase tickets. People want to spend their money wisely, so they want a taste of what will the stage/screen be presented to them. The interface of each seat should provide a minimal or simplistic view in an audience’s perspective, which will help a user to feel confident about their decision. A user might want to try a different seat zone to see if that is better value for money. And it will affect their booking experience if the website provides enough information for them to compare options.

possible alternative:


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