In this post, we’ll talk about the importance of game server frameworks, how was the path for us to build Pitaya, why we chose Go, and what was the reasoning behind some of its features.

At Wildlife, we started making synchronous multiplayer games in late 2015, early 2016. Back then, most of our backend systems were written in node.js for several reasons. It has good performance and scalability, especially when compared to other languages such as Java or Python. …

Photo by Caue Diniz

Written by Camila Scatolini in collaboration with Marina Soubhia.

Wildlife Studios is a tech unicorn and one of the ten largest mobile game developers and publishers in the world. We have a solid international presence and our more than 60 games have been played by billions of people around the globe. Imagine working in a company that engages so many people!

In order to create games that entertain and delight so many, there must be a robust and scalable technological infrastructure, so that the magic can happen for the player.

For this reason, we have talented and dedicated professionals with…

Camila Scatolini

Engineering manager, amateur musician and wannabe athlete. Always up to the next challenge.

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