Troubling with hair loss…?

Hair loss problem

Everybody wants to become a supermodel or a center of attraction. Technology grows to modernize man from top to bottom, from hair to toe. Most of the youngsters face loss of hair and due to this they lack self confidence. There are a lot of reasons behind the loss of hair, like pollution, food habit, sleeping habit, chemicals applying in hair and so on. But to become a stylish one most of the people adapt hair fixing as a remedy. Before adapting this method one must aware about the technology and all aspects of hair fixing. Nowadays, we may find a handful of companies who advertise and demands best hair fixing methods. But before you choose one among them please consult your doctor and take advises. Most of the people have these doubts, is hair fixing safe? Is this altering the tissue system? By knowing all about hair fixing you may relaxed by these unwanted questions

Before and After of a Hair Transplantation

Take a look at the steps ….

1. Be ready

Ready for the surgery mentally and physically. Hair follicles from the back of the head will be collected and relocated to the bald areas. Mostly, hair follicles of back of the head is reluctant to bald.

2. Donor area trimmed

The donor area or hair follicles from back of the head trimmed.

3. Preparation for surgery

Local anesthesia is given to the donor area

4. Collecting tissue

Bald resistant hair follicles are collected and the donor area is saturated

5. Hair combed over sutures

By combing hair, the sutures of the surgery may invisible and this sutures may disappear within a week.

6. Role of surgical technicians

The collected hair follicles may review and dissected by surgical technicians and they make follicular units.

7. Bald area

After giving local anesthesia, the bald area become ready and no need of trimming and shaving.

8. Making incisions

Tiny incisions are made in a irregular pattern and follicular units grafts will then be placed in the incisions.

9. Placing method

The front of hairline may cover by the smallest hair grafts and it follows by three and four hair grafts.

10. Closing of the surgery

The tiny incision marks are invisible naturally.

The transplanted hair may behave like the natural hair. So don’t worry about the looks. This surgery costs low and it will increase your confidence and you can back home the same day as it was not a big deal.

Hope you got some ideas about hair transplantation and your doubts are cleared. For more information you can visit the Colorado Surgical & Hair Institute website. They are an internationally reputed center for hair transplantation and restoration.