Stop Protesting, and Start Interning

The Million Student March has it backwards. Thousands of student across the country are taking to the street demanding a package of entitlement programs for college students. The list includes free tuition, a $15 minimum wage, and complete student loan forgiveness. These protests have been picked up by major media sources. Why? It is yet another polarizing subject that provokes the American people to debate over fundamentally different views of the American government. It becomes a political matter that divides our parties and spurs arguments about the size and scope of government. That is the last thing I want to do in this article. However, I do want to offer a few ideas to the students taking the streets in protest.

Every American has the right to choose whether to participate in higher education or not. Even further, every American has the right to choose the institution in which they receive their education. Obviously there are some restrictions on this ability to choose. The first restriction is on merit. If you don’t have a certain SAT score, you will not be selected to attend an Ivy League school. The second biggest limitation is funding. Higher education is expensive, and we have never had more student debt outstanding than we do today. This issue is that we choose to attend schools that have tuitions that are over $50,000. That is your choice.

My advice is to concentrate on the aspect of your life that are in your control right now. According to NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers), 88.6% of employers identify talent early through internship and co-op programs. One of the goals of any institution in higher education is to prepare you for the job you want. That should also be one of your personal goals as you are attending your university. One of the best ways to do so is through internships. Almost nine in every ten employers are making their hiring decisions based on internships. My solution is to stop protesting and start interning. It will build your skills set, make you money to help pay tuition, and will help you find the job you want after graduation.

“The last of the human freedoms-the ability to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstances”- Victor Frankl

Make it your mission to develop the skill set that warrants the wage that you want. Build your resume to earn the position you desire. Take control of everything within your power to better yourself whether it be personally or professionally. A lot can be accomplished through hard work.

With that being said, I think we are having the wrong conversation. Lets talk about how we can help every student accomplish what they set out to do, and then we won’t need to talk about free tuition. The value extracted from higher education would equal or exceed the tuition paid by students.

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