It having been 9 years since I had a recess and 6 years since I last had a gym class, I felt a certain mixture of excitement, curiosity, and apprehension when it came to today's activities. Yet any worries I had quickly vanished. Sure it was awkward to begin when people are still hurrying to class and you’re outside playing a game probably intended for a class of third graders. But inhibitions are quick to fade, and as we all became more invested in the games we played, it made me feel young again, despite lacking any significant age. And while I can’t speak for creativity, I felt more active and engaged in all activities and classes afterwards. I usually exercise for an hour or so a day, 6 days a week. But I can’t think of the last time I took an hour or a half an hour to play a game or sport with some friends, to just get out and have fun. So I’ll think to this in the future when I’m looking for some much needed focus and energy in the future.

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