Blog #8

Class Reflection

As this semester comes to an end, its time to really face the truth that my favorite class of the semester and in my first year at USC Annenberg also comes to an end. I want to thank you Ev and Nicco for really challenging us this semester to get out of our comfort zones to really present our ideas and to understand what it is like to be an entrepreneur.

There is so much I enjoyed about COMM 579! Entrepreneurship in the new media, yeah that class title really scared me at first but being in class everyday I realized it was the best decision I could have made. My mind was challenged and I had a wealth of knowledge from 3 amazing professors. Two words will forever be etched in my memory “PAYROLL” and “MONEY.” Thank you for those lessons and the importance of each that is necessary for a business to thrive.

I enjoyed the weekly readings and listening to the podcast, Startup. I learned so much from that podcast. Listening to the trials and tribulations that the founder of Startup went through was a big eyeopener. I especially want to say that our weekly guest speakers were amazing. That worked brilliantly including guest speakers in class. Not only was it beneficial to hear their stories, their failures, their challenges but it also was a driving force and strong motivation in wanting to succeed and work hard to make my entrepreneur ideas come to fruition.

The format of our class was great. It wasn’t the standard lecture for 3 straight hours. It was lecture, networking, guest speaker, continue networking. Class dinners were great; it provided an opportunity to break the ice and really get to meet and talk with classmates. I think that was a marvelous idea incorporating that into class because it gave us an opportunity to network, talk about our ideas and create collaborations. Compared to my other classes, I haven’t had a bond with classmates as I had in this class and it was all facilitated because of the class dinners. There was a group of us that always sat at the small dinner table and we talked about class, programs, projects and it was great conversing with everyone.

What I would have liked is knowing where we are at grade wise in regards to the projects we have submitted, maybe kind of like a mid semester check-in so you can see if you are on the right track with assignments and group presentations.

Overall, I am really thankful to have been part of this class, not only did I learn so much about new media and technology, but also entrepreneur resources at USC and best of all expanding my network, that includes classmates and entrepreneurs. THANK YOU and FIGHT ON!