Why Is The New York Times so Afraid of My Chatbot?
Chris McBride

“Linking from webpages has long been understood not to infringe on the copyright or trademark of the linked site. But linking from a chatbot is different than linking on the web”

Deep linking (i.e. bypassing the home page) has long been a contentious issue ( see here for some commentary http://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/website-permissions/linking). And companies such as google have made explicit agreement with some news organizations in this regard. This predates and has nothing to do with chatbots. If you create a webpage called “NYT Cooking” with direct links to the recipe pages (just like your chatbot is doing), I will bet you’ll hear from the same lawyer…

Also to say “I’m tiny and non-commercial” as justification is disingenuous. You yourself don’t rule going commercial with your platform, so you can’t use ‘non-commercial-for-now’ as justification to let your service access something that you would not get access to commercially.

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