Today’s Focail do a Chara


A corner table in the local cafe,
a piece of carrot cake,
and a bowl of Irish stew.
Let the hail come,
let the hailstones rain on my feet.

“What do you want to tell me on this day of silence?” I ask.

“It’s okay; it’s all okay.” The voice in my head answers. “All of it — the nap, the rain, the hail, the cold, the silence and the punctuation, the fears and the sense of adventure.”

I sigh.

“The sun will always come out. there is always another day, another trip, another chance. Maybe even another lifetime. We are born into our choices and our choices birth us and there is safety in that. we can make new choices and there is adventure in that. the balance between the two — safety and adventure — is our lives.”

© Christine Salkin Davis, 2017, visit my blog here

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