How To Do Online Learning (3 Top Tips)

This was my experience as a student: There was a teacher in a classroom with a board and lots of books. All the desks were facing forward in straight rows. Uniform. Everyone moved at the same pace. Fast forward to today.

I know things have changed. With the advancement of technology, the classroom isn’t complete without laptop carts and smart gadgets. We’ve moved from paper to digital so fast, I sometimes feel like I’m in a Ray Bradbury novel…cars speed down streets with larger-than-life-sized billboards (so you still get to see the movie ads), proliferation of reality TV, eyes always glued to a screen, burning books. WHOA!

I digress.

The digital world isn’t so bad. I took my first e-learning course a few years ago. Aside from the face-to-face interaction, it was pretty solid. I felt responsible for my learning. I could spend time in my “class” while having lunch. I could “attend” class on any day of the week, at any time. I could move at my pace. This was GREAT!!!!

Online learning is a new way to learn, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Make it easy on yourself with these three tips!

  1. Dedicate a specific time in your schedule to work on your class discussions or assignments. You’ll be required to log in a certain number of times per week or day, depending on the course. Regularly checking in is a good way to stay on top of assignments.
  2. Set up notifications so you get updated when discussion forums are updated. Your course will require you to participate in discussions as part of your grade. Since you won’t be attending an actual classroom and seeing people face-to-face, engaging in discussion is how your perspectives and contributions will be shared.
  3. Be Proactive. If something comes up (oh, I don’t know…say your computer crashes or you get the flu…hopefully not — so inconvenient) that will impede your ability to submit an assignment on time, or participate in a discussion on time, let your instructor know as far in advance as possible. In my experience, I was added to a course on due date for the first assignment. I explained the situation to my professor, and he waived the late penalty. Do not be afraid to speak up if you need to.

BONUS TIP: Definitely have access to a computer and the software you’ll need. If you don’t have the software, ask your professor/school for access to a free/discounted/alternative software program.

Have you ever tried online learning before? Comment below and let me know what you think!