We are the same, you and I … A Heart that is Broken into thousand pieces, shattered like the delicate pieces of glass that was barely holding itself together… We lie to ourselves everyday, we wake up and look into a mirror, and start lying that everything is gonna be okay, that we are fine, even a bit happy… We even make ourselves believe in that lie because we are that good at lying, we even laugh at the jokes our friends make and act normal, we put a big smile on our face but beneath that big fake laugh there is a storm, anger, rage and sadness that we suppress it for some reason… Reality kicks a bit later when you are at home alone in your bed and forced to think about things that you avoided all day. We try to sleep but we cannot because each of those pieces starts hurting us at the same time, you turn around in the bed try to stop the pain and voices that lurks inside your mind, but they wont stop ! Finally your body and mind gets tired enough to not even feel the pain, finally the voices stops and you are at piece for couple hours, you can sleep now, but you don’t want to wake up, because you know that it is gonna be same that you are gonna put that fake smile again and act okay, even believe in your lie for a while , and reality is gonna tackle you again and you gonna fall… I guess you know that we are hypocrite, not because we lie to everyone around us and act different, it is because the biggest lie we ever told is to ourselves, the illusion of happiness.

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