The Harness & The Whip
Mike Troiano

Nice piece Mike. As someone whose home is in MA and office is in CA I’m living this as we speak. It’s extraordinary difficult to generalize and condense “what’s different” but you’re right — there is much more of a “succeed — or fail - fast and iterate” mentality in CA than the “hang in there and gut it out” attitude that seems to predominate here in MA.

Just be careful about people generalizations. Yes the CA ecosystem is much (much) bigger but there are plenty of good examples to go along with the relatively few bad ones. The bad ones just make better press of which they’re getting a lot these days.

But overall, well done. I’m a native NY area guy so don’t have a dog in the “CA vs MA” hunt but I’ve grown to love Boston in the 20+ years I’ve lived here, and couldn’t agree more that it’s an awesome place to raise a family. We’re overdue for more thoughtful reflection on what it’s going to take to reinvigorate the startup ecosystem around here, and appreciate your (ongoing) contributions to that.

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