Flutter web and Null Safety move to stable, Flutter desktop moves to beta and so much more!

Today, we’re pleased to announce the release of Flutter 2. It’s been a little more than two years since the Flutter 1.0 release, but in that short time, we’ve closed 24,541 issues and merged 17,039 PRs from 765 contributors. Just since the Flutter 1.22 release in September, we’ve closed 5807 issues and merged 4091 PRs from 298 contributors. Special thanks go out to our volunteer contributors who generously give their spare time to improve the Flutter project. The top volunteer contributors for the Flutter 2 release were xu-baolin with 46 PRs, a14n with 32 PRs that focused on bringing Flutter…

Updated integration testing that supports Firebase Test Lab on mobile; stand-alone support for web and desktop, too!

Flutter’s goal is to provide an open framework for quickly building beautiful native apps on multiple platforms. A large part of achieving that goal is the ability for you to easily test your Flutter apps to make sure that they work and look the way you want them to on the platforms you’re targeting. Some of that testing can be handled by unit tests written using the unit test framework built into Dart. Dart unit testing works exceedingly well for non-UI testing; it runs on your development machine and doesn’t rely on the GUI of your Flutter app.

Integration testing…

Supporting iOS 14 and Android 11, new i18n and l10n support, Google Maps and WebView plugins ready for production, a new App Size tool and much more!

We’re delighted to introduce our latest release of Flutter, with extensive support for iOS 14 and Android 11. Flutter 1.22 builds on the foundation set by previous releases by enabling developers to build fast, beautiful user experiences for multiple platforms from a single codebase. Our quarterly stable releases package the latest features, performance improvements, and bug fixes, and are suitable for broad production use.

Since this is the season for new mobile OS versions, this release focuses on ensuring that Android 11 and iOS 14 work great with Flutter. Updates for both of these OSes include a lot of under-the-hood…

Native Windows app compilation, some early plugins, and a desktop-ready Flutter Gallery app

Our mission is to provide developers with an open source, high-productivity framework for building beautiful, native apps on any platform. So far, we’ve shipped production-quality support for Android and iOS, with eight stable releases and over 100,000 apps shipped to the Google Play Store alone. We continue to broaden our focus to include other platforms including web, macOS, and Linux. Today, we’re pleased to announce an additional target for Flutter with the alpha release of Flutter support for Windows.

Windows remains a popular choice for desktop and laptop devices, with Microsoft reporting over one billion active devices running Windows 10

As always, our goal is to make developers successful on Flutter regardless of the platform you’re targeting. Since the announcement of iOS 14 in June, we’ve been working on adding new features to Flutter that support this release, including updates to support Xcode 12, as well as adding new features and improvements to support iOS 14.

If your iOS 14 app uses TextField, CupertinoTextField, or TextFormField, you’ll want to make sure that it’s built with Flutter 1.20 or later to ensure that your users are not bothered by unnecessary clipboard notification messages, as per Apple’s updated clipboard policy.

Otherwise, existing…

Updated Firebase plugins for higher quality and a new site with Flutter-specific docs, snippets, and videos

Flutter is more than just an engine, a set of widgets, and some tools; it also includes a large ecosystem of packages to add functionality to your apps beyond what comes out of the box. Some of the most popular packages are the set that supports Firebase (aka FlutterFire). As part of our continued focus on quality for all aspects of Flutter, we recently announced that Invertase, a consulting firm with deep expertise in Dart, Flutter, and Firebase, would be taking over the bulk of the development and maintenance of the FlutterFire plugins. In just the short amount of time…

Performance improvements, mobile autofill, a new widget and more!

Our ongoing vision with Flutter is to provide a portable toolkit for building stunning experiences wherever you might want to paint pixels on the screen. With every release, we continue to push towards ensuring that Flutter is fast, beautiful, productive and open for every platform we support. In Flutter 1.20, which is released today to our stable channel, Flutter has improvements for every one of these four pillars.

In the category of fast, we’ve got multiple performance improvements, from the lowest levels of the rendering engine and in the Dart language itself.

To enable you to build Flutter apps that…

Posted by Chris Sells, Product Manager, Flutter developer experience

Today we’re pleased to announce version 1.12, the latest stable Flutter release. This makes 5 stable releases since our 1.0 release in December, 2018. It’s been an amazing year! We’ve closed 5,303 issues and merged 5,950 pull requests from 484 contributors. In the Flutter engine and framework, we’ve added support for Android App Bundles, iOS 13, implemented mouse and keyboard events, released the In-App Purchase plugin, merged several important performance improvements, localized for 24 additional locales and created several new widgets. Furthermore, the Flutter tools have seen a great deal of…

With Google I/O 2019 just around the corner, we’re pleased to announce the availability of our new stable build, Flutter 1.5. With 336 contributors world-wide and more than 1,700 commits, this is our biggest release yet! With this release, we continue to focus on quality and stability, fixing the highest impact issues submitted by the community while continuing to follow the Flutter 2019 Roadmap.

What’s new?

The Flutter 1.5.4 release comes with a number of updates for the iOS and Material widgets, increased support for our experiments in web and desktop, a number of important updates to our plugins and tools as…

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Flutter Live, our global celebration of Flutter, and we thought we’d share a few reflections on the event. The Flutter team was blown away by the community excitement around the release of Flutter 1.0. Flutter lets you build fast, beautiful apps using tools that work with your favorite IDE/editor and an open source runtime that makes you a much more productive developer. …

Chris Sells

Chris Sells is a Google Product Manager on the Flutter development experience. He enjoys long walks on the beach and various technologies.

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