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Did I tell how much I like Dilbert by Scott Adams?

You are sitting at your table and considering which work should be done first.

But seriously, what’s the optimal way of doing this job? You…

For product managers, providing requirements to designers has always been a tricky and dangerous topic. Unfortunately, most of the product management professionals still think that designers will do the user interface exactly same how they provide in their wireframes.

However, is this the right way? HELL NO! Giving a wireframe or mockup to a product designer and ask him to provide in a polished way is one of most aggressive insult to them. …

Choice is good. With choice, the possibilities are endless. — Arkady Volozh

What comes to your mind if somebody tells search engine? With high probability, it's Google. Right? Google has been dominating in so many major areas in the worldwide internet. It all started with Search but have had enormous growth with Video, Map, E-Mail, … and now even Google Home, wearable technologies and driverless cars. To be honest, majority of us all love Google products which are monopoly in our lives. In the markets where monopoly exists, users don't have either much or no choice at all. …

Wherever I go or whoever I speak about product development, one of the main challenge is defining the requirements. And if you are in a group that applies agile development, you'll probably hear at least one of these:

These are not mentioned in the task?! I cannot do anything. -_-

In the acceptance criteria, you didn't mention that you don't expect any bug from this development…

I guess we can mark task done because performance expectations are not clear in the task.

Are you sure this task is a sub-task? It sounds like an EPIC to me…

Do they sound…

This is a question I hear frequently from mainly fresh graduates or those are willing to get into Product Management profession.

Before starting to expressing my opinions, I'd like to remind everyone who is interested in this area that:

Product Management is the only way for a man to have same feeling of a mother.

Well actually there is no recipe or formula for being a “great” product manager. As Ben Horowitz says that “Hard things are hard because there are no easy answers or recipes.” You can count Product Management as one of top ones.


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