If you want to get bulky, lift weights. If you want to lose weight, do cardio. If you want to get ripped, do crossfit. Carbs make you fat. Protein makes you strong. Fat makes you keto.

There are many methods you can use to “get fit”. So many that I’m afraid most people are taking it to heart & hearing about the benefits of something, going all out with that one method, not being able to sustain it & potentially becoming even more “unfit” when it’s all said & done.

This is like saying I want a fast car. You can’t put the same “fast car” in a drag race that you’d put in an off road race & expect it to win both.

So before you jump the gun & tell yourself I’m going to do whatever it takes to get fit.

You must ask yourself, “What do I consider fit?”.

Maybe you want to outlift everyone in the gym.

Maybe you want to fit into the same dress you wore at prom.

Maybe you just want to feel comfortable shirtless.

Maybe you want to be able to run a 5k under a set time.

Whatever your definition of fit is. This is where you should begin your journey.

Next ask yourself, “How much time & dedication am I willing to spend on achieving this goal?”

An hour a day?

Two hours?

One day a week?




Understanding this is very important as it will allow you to ignore all of the methods that won’t fit your schedule. Just because studies show fasted cardio at 4am 7 days a week is the optimal way to burn body fat, doesn’t mean you will be able to commit to this which in turn isn’t the most optimal way for you.

So understand your goals, define them, figure out what you can commit to realistically and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

That last part is the one I see people struggle with almost everyday.

Of course you want to push yourself to the limit everytime you workout, right? While at times this could be the worst thing you could be doing. If your extremely tired & fatigued, don’t come into the gym & try to max out or go run for an hour. This is only going to make you feel like crap tomorrow & your body is only going to be focused on recovering rather than improving. This can get very ugly, very quickly if you’re just beginning & trying to come into the gym everyday.

Instead, when you feel exhausted yet still want to do everything you can to get to your end goal sooner. Take a day to come into the gym & just do some slow paced light intensity bodyweight training, maybe some mobility work or resistance bands to add a smudge of resistance, go on a walk, get a massage, meal prep, take a nap or do some yoga. Do something that will make you feel good & will leave you feeling ready to come back the next day & hit it hard again.

Listening to your body can be one of the uttermost important things you can do to reach your goals, no matter the goal. I feel like many people ignore this because they want results NOW & taking a rest day means they have to wait one more day to get the results. When in reality, training time is definitely not the only time your body is working to get “fit”.

Getting “fit” can be done while at work (take small breaks to go on a walk, stretch, do a few bodyweight squats, crunches or push ups), at home (play with the kids, make plans to go play frisbee with some friends, walk the dog, take 15 minutes to go on a light jog), on your plate (don’t look so much at how many calories you’re eating, look at how healthy the meal is, where did it come from, is it REAL FOOD or is it coming in a plastic bag with a dictionary of ingredients on the label) & definitely in the bedroom (do you know how well your sleeping at night, how many deep sleep cycles you’re getting, does your mattress feel good, what temperature are you sleeping in, is the bedroom blacked out). These all play an important role when it comes to the big picture of becoming “fit” & if you ignore just one of them, you’re overall progress will show it.

This is why you see so many people call being “fit” a lifestyle change because it kinda is….

This doesn’t mean you can’t have your alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, candy, sweets, lazy time or whatever else you like to do that isn’t all too great for your health. It just means you should understand the importance of keeping all of that down to a minimum & if you’re working to get “fit” by doing everything you can to become healthy 6 days out of the week.


It comes down to the individual & mental health is just as important if not more important than physical health so don’t restrain yourself from the things you crave 24/7. That just isn’t sustainable & you’ll more than likely end up hating the terms healthy & “fit” in the long run.

If you take away nothing from this at all please just take this.

Take a few moments to understand what is driving you to become “fit”, what is “fit”, what can you do that will make you happy while becoming “fit”, how much can you focus on getting “fit” & who can you surround yourself with that will help you stay on track to get “fit”.

I hope you can figure this out & get started on your journey.

Just remember that one step is better than no steps & that anything new is always a little uncomfortable but if you can see a clear vision of where you want to go, your drive to get there will be just a little easier.

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