5 Digital Business Ideas So You Can Start From Scratch

Digital Business Ideas

Who does not dream of a private company and bill to leave a lot of money without leaving home? And best of all, without having to invest too much money. Many Brazilians dream stops being applied, and digital companies are making a great alternative to this dream a reality.

But you know that the Internet offers several options, you just have to choose the offer that best suits your profile. Just like my purpose in today’s entry is to show what are the online business ideas to help you with this choice.

Creating Blogs

At present this is one of the most profitable Internet digital business. You may have seen some successful bloggers making a lot of money in this environment. How often have you wondered how to take advantage of a web page?

In fact, the benefits are the ads that appear on the page. When the user clicks, the webmaster is already winning.

On the other hand, today many high bloggers count on promoting other companies’ products, brands and even ordinary people, all through the affiliate program, as we will see later.

But the first step is to find a niche that is profitable and at the same time it takes to find personal satisfaction. This is because motivation is very important to follow the digital marketing strategies needed to drive traffic to the blog and succeed in the online business market.

When it comes to digital marketing, it is important to keep in mind that this is a process that requires planning and time.

It is essential that the niche of your choice is a topic that has some property or interest, so the experience is not monotonous and fatiguing, it ensures easier to deal with issues related to the blog.

In addition, it costs too much to study the market and the public with which you work on the blog. Some digital businesses successfully address problems related to nutrition, fitness, food, beauty, business, etc.

Creating Video for Internet

The first step to creating a good video is to plan and propose an interesting topic and locate your data. The content must be original and relevant to attract the attention of the public.

The organization of the structure of the video, like a screenplay, with a beginning, middle and end. It is ideal to put everything on paper ideas are clearer.

Creating videos for the Internet is one of the most profitable digital business today, because daily Internet users access millions of videos on YouTube. Even this channel is best known for the exposure of the images.

A good tip is that other videos make the problem you want to chase package.

Keep in mind that they are the most viewed and be inspired. It can be fun videos, tutorials, courses, etc. The more creativity and skill you have to make videos, the better the performance of your publication.

Introducing video with pictures and audio is also a good choice to keep the attention of visitors.

Another trend in the Internet business is the development of corporate animated product videos, a theory or a concept with creativity and relevance. It is sufficient is known that it is with animation programs to create an adequate broadcast of videos.

If you want to go deeper into the subject I recommend you read this other article where I explain a little better video marketing strategy.


Another digital business idea is an online store to sell a product over the Internet.

There are now virtual franchises that allow you to have your own business with a low investment, as you were franchised and super recommend click here.

But if you are not going to take the risk of investing in a high-level project, you can open a virtual store for free.

First, select the products you want to market and develop an online catalog. Organize photos and product descriptions to make the whole page appealing to users.

It is essential to provide adequate information about products and delivery methods. Specifically, the determination of store content in order to save space in electronic commerce.

Like other online businesses, it is a competitive market that requires well-defined strategies for entrepreneurs to achieve their sales goals.

Remember to establish a plan to achieve your goals.


Have you ever heard of Infoproducts? This is one of the most popular digital internet business. The products are made based on the knowledge of a particular subject.

In general, experts in the specific market area to master a business-related issue expose their ideas through courses and lectures.

They provide relevant content to help others. The possible formats are made: E-book, online courses, podcasts, etc.

Even if the person is not a trained expert in the area you want to work, to share knowledge and experiences with the Internet and in particular a high price invoice.

For example, while adding the topic of “Fiscal Planning” or “Personal Finance” below the knee, simply a product of didactic information and knowledge creation.

But your knowledge does not have to be as deep, for example, the expert can in the kitchen, guitar, makeup, among other activities.

Let’s assume you have experience in “Financial Planning” & entering the digital market, creating a training on the subject. Recently in Brazil by more than 100 million Internet users, who has studied the market and the amount of R $ 40.00 registered by each student of the course.

So, if you sell one entry per day, in 30 days, you will receive an income of $ 1,200.00 and so on. The advantage is that there are millions of people all over the world looking for that content, so you can work with many families and still get paid.

Creating information products is one of the most profitable Internet digital business.

Affiliate Program

Working with blogs, you know that this is one of the most profitable Internet digital business.

Understand a branch as a digital sales promoter. It uses digital marketing strategies to attract customers and double them to partner sites.

So, the webmaster receives commission for each sale, has indicated.

This requires the integration of a kind of affiliate program, for example: The Hotmart platform, which has a variety of class offerings. This association is free, you just need to register on the site and start promoting.

If you do not know what Hotmart, in another article that explains exactly what it is.

Here is an example of profit sharing provides an affiliate program to provide up to 300 people, which means that 300 clicks for a product “X”, there may be a conversion of 5%, that is, 15 people can product purchase. Suppose the product or service that pay a fee of 200, this means that your income is $ 3,000.00.

But do not be fooled, just like any other business also requires the affiliate program a lot of planning and organization.

Formula Online business course is currently the best way to learn how to work in this mode. I also recommend super.

As you have seen, there are several profitable business alternatives that you can invest, but choose the one that suits you best.

So, good business and until the next article!

Originally published at imarketingarmy.blogspot.com.

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