• Rocky Yang

    Rocky Yang

  • Jeppe Lambæk

    Jeppe Lambæk

    User experience designer at HLTV.org

  • Andreas Karoutzos

    Andreas Karoutzos

    Product Design Lead @Messagebird, Previously UX Designer @Skroutz. Co-Founder @Captainwise.

  • Stuart Balcombe

    Stuart Balcombe

    I help people build successful products by getting closer to their customers. Always learning.

  • KPI FinTech

    KPI FinTech

    Digital Transformation

  • Christopher Davis

    Christopher Davis

    I like to design, write, cook and think about things.

  • Pankaj Rathore

    Pankaj Rathore

    UX Designer, HCI, Human Centric Machine Learning, explorer, observer , Electronic & Instrumentation Engineer, Rider

  • Nandini Kulkarni

    Nandini Kulkarni

    Designer, Traveller, Thinker (maybe over thinker)

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