Forget everything you thought you knew about Design. Here is a list of some of the go-to terms for designers.

“Apple does it this way.”

Bugs in Sketch

Crisp criticism


Enamel pins


Good eyeballs

“How might we just do it my way?”

Intentional mistakes

JavaScript frameworks


Lorem Ipsum but with a funny theme

MacBook Pro intentionally covered with zero stickers

Numerous succulents neatly organized on your desk

Original Eames chair


Quality Instagram posts

Red lines

Sketch bugs

“The way I’m doing it is the way Apple does it.”

User-centered approach to designing the products that I want


Wacom tablets

Xtra bold headers



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Product designer at Facebook · Playing outside · 🍩 ☕️ 🏄

Product designer at Facebook · Playing outside · 🍩 ☕️ 🏄