Start Creating more of your own opportunities. Here’s how.

Want to make some good things happen for you or would you rather wait for them to happen to you? They will always be opportunities for those who recognize and pursue them. I’d rather create than wait for opportunities that come my way. Sure it takes time and some attention to create some but then again so does waiting. But guess which strategy is more successful.

They are ways to create more opportunities for yourself, some which may require a lot of effort and innovation and some which are just fairly easy to do. Here are a few;

Start by changing your mind set. Opportunities are everywhere but if you have the mind-set that you won’t ever get any, you will neither see any of them nor create any for yourself. Develop a habit of looking for opportunities everywhere and trying to see how you might improve the current process. How can you make the current solution better, more creative, more innovative, more anything. Choose the opportunities that benefit other people and they will support your offer to take advantage of an opportunity. So be more optimistic, optimistic people naturally create lots of opportunities.

Become an expert. Take yourself more seriously than anyone else ever will and become an expert in your niche. Learn everything you have to know about your niche. Then let everyone know you’re that guy… or girl. Devise a strategy that helps you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. What you are doing is deepening your knowledge and sharing it with the world. If you do this effectively, you will get noticed among the people who matter in your field.

Pay attention to your inner wisdom. We all have that inner wisdom that gives us advice when we need it. We usually ignore it though. How many times did you ignore it when it told you to study more? When it told you to approach that HR manager? Your inner wisdom knows what you have to do to increase your opportunities. Listen to it a lot more. It is usually right.

Give more of yourself. One of the best ways to get notice and receive opportunities is to first give. Give for free what you can give in your area of expertise. Give out knowledge; look for people on social media who are looking for help in your industry and offer free help, write and give away free articles. Have a range of acceptable outcomes that could emerge from this work. Set a primary goal and then develop a strategy on how you can show for free that you’re insanely capable of adding value to other individuals and companies.

Be aware of the impact that you make. Everything you do has an impact. The way you dress, the way you groom yourself, the way you smile- everything will cause a reaction in the other person. When you make decisions, think them through to understand how they will affect other people. Develop a habit of considering how your actions affect the people around you. People will see that you make work easier, rather than making more work for them. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Tailor you personality to what kind of opportunities you want and you might receive more of them.

Start conversations with the people who hold these opportunities. In other words Network! Don’t be a lurker. If all you do is consume knowledge you won’t get as many opportunities as you would if you actively engaged with people. With social media, your reach on how many you can engage with is limitless. Every social network offers a different way to connect with influencers — for example, by using hashtags, participating in Twitter or Facebook chats, LinkedIn, publishing, commenting, and more. You can slowly develop relationships with people who can give you more opportunities. Think of how you can add value to them.

Show creativity, resilience and drive. Some opportunities will be easier to see and create; some will be a lot harder and might take a lot longer to create. Show creativity if you want to stand out from the pack. Find the courage and drive to do what needs to be done; nothing significant ever happens in your comfort zone. It will be a lot harder than you think it will be so be resilient and see it through, it will be worth it.

Make yourself easily accessible. Make yourself easy to find and easily accessible to recruiters and people who want to work with you. Add your email address to your blog and profile. Add your profession as a hashtag in your Twitter profile, use industry hashtags in all your posts, create industry-rich SEO in your blog titles and text, and don’t be afraid to copy the hashtags of key industry players so you’re lumped in with their posts in searches. If you make yourself easy to find, then you’re only widening the door for opportunities.

They are a lot of ways to create your own opportunities and the ones highlighted in this article area few. The key is to be creative and think differently.

What other ways have you used to create more opportunities for yourself? Share them and your thoughts in the comment section below.