My Wife and I are going to be in Black-Eyed Peas Music Video because of a Token called Sugar, Apl de Ap, and Taboo — you guys know “the Peas,” famous for songs like “I’ve Got a Feelin’,” and “Let’s Get It Started.” Well, next time they film a music video for their hundreds of millions of fans — I, Charlie Shrem and my lovely wife Courtney Marie Warner Shrem, will be in it.

Woah… how on earth did I do it?

Let’s start at the beginning, at the root: fans create hundreds of billions of dollars of value each year through social actions, consuming content, and sharing their data. Yale economist Glen Weyl estimates: “most of us should be getting roughly a thousand dollars a year for our troubles.”

Let me introduce you to a new digital token — meet Sugar. Sugar (SUGR) is a fan reward token that recognizes and rewards fans for performing meaningful social and user actions. Fans can then redeem their Sugar for one-of-a-kind experiences and rewards provided by the talent and brands. These transactions are all powered by Sweet, which officially launched in January, and is the first marketplace where artists, brands, and cultural influencers can recognize and reward fans with a digital token.

The rewards will blow your mind. Browse and discover rewards such as full-day tattoo sessions, skype chats and phone calls with bands, tickets to festivals and concerts, and a ton of cool merchandise!

What are my thoughts on all of this? In short, recognizing fans with Sugar for their micro social contributions, their data, and their time creates an exciting new level of fan engagement — and I dig it. There is a really interesting unifying piece here, that unites brands/artists and their brands!

I created my wallet HERE at, and you can too. I used some of my Sugar tokens to grab a Cameo in the “Black Eyed Peas’” music video, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity made possible by Sweet and the Sugar token. (and I see the Peas have already replenished the quantity) Who gets to be in a Black Eyed Peas music video? :-)