I was point blank told that there would be hardly a chance of them giving me a hysterectomy as I was “too young.” This was repeated after almost every point, “you’re so young”, as if to illustrate that I was being childish.
I’m 27 and Want a Hysterectomy. No, I’m Not Naive.
Rachel Charlton-Dailey

Barring any legitimate age-related complications, refusing to provide medical aid based on someone’s age is flat-out discrimination. The inane reactions from those doctors are what I’d expect from a religious “crisis pregnancy center”, not competent medical providers. I’ll admit I see the concerns—closing the door on children could turn out to be someone’s greatest regret, and no doctor wants to feel responsible for that—but there’s a point at which, having raised the downsides, you need to recognize the patient’s needs and do your damned job.

I despise how difficult it is for anyone under fifty to be taken seriously by doctors. A close friend of mine died of cancer, after having been cheerily told by several docs he couldn’t possibly have it because he was just too young. He wasn’t too young. He was too late.

I read this story last night, about how Gilda Radner’s cancer went similarly undetected. It’s horrifying. I hope you get what you need, and I wouldn’t be above telling these people that their refusal to help you based on your age isn’t just insulting but discriminatory.

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