I looked at the people in my life and they seem to have it all together. Including babies.
I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

I cannot remotely claim to have it all together, but after years of confusion and timewasting, I honestly believe I am getting there. The absolute #1 best thing I’ve done so far is not have children. If you legitimately want them, that’s another thing—but I don’t think the presence of children puts one any closer to having it together, and in fact I’d say it rockets you several steps back.

Also: I don’t expect to ever have my shit 100% together. My goals are to be happy more often than not, reduce chaos and drudgework to whatever extent I can, and maximize freedom to the point that I’m always in a position to realize my ideas.

Totally agree with everything you said.

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