Body Shaming…Fuck You
Chantelle Dawn Skye

You most likely don’t need to be told this, but your parents are thoroughly dreadful people, and science does not have a number for the amount of fucks you shouldn’t give about their wretched opinions.

I don’t know why they’re broken the way they are—maybe because their parents were also thoroughly dreadful people—but broken they are, and what they did was flat-out abuse. They’re high school bullies writ large, and it’s not your fault you got stuck with them. I realize that it is incredibly hard to disregard the opinions of the people who raised us, since we’re biologically and socially wired to need them. I guess what I’m saying is, to whatever extent you can, remember that these sorry bastards are acting according to their own hateful impulses, and what they’re saying has little to no bearing on how you look or what you are.

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