Conferences vs Journals: Where do Brazilian CS Professors Usually Publish?

In the first phase of CSIndexbr — our open science tool for exploring and assessing the Brazilian Scientific Production in Computer Science — , we indexed 166 conferences, distributed over 19 Computer Science sub-areas.

Now, in a second phase, we are indexing journals. We already indexed
73 journals, distributed over 10 sub-areas. Among these sub-areas, 8 also
include both journals and conferences (the exceptions are Operational Research and General Computer Science, where we are only indexing journals).

The following figure presents the ratio papers in conferences / papers in journals in each sub-area (considering only conferences and journals indexed by CSIndexbr):

Papers in conferences / Papers in journals — (2013–2018)

Some key observations about the results:

  • In four areas, we found more papers in conferences: Programming Languages, HCI, Distributed Systems, and Computing Education. Typically, these are smaller areas, with less papers and professors.
  • By contrast, in the areas with more publications, we have more journal papers, i.e., the ratio conferences/journals is less than 1. These areas include Software Engineering (0.54), Computer Architecture (0.41), Databases & Information Systems (0.76), Computer Vision (0.32), and Algorithms & Complexity (0.20).
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