I think the killer app for chatbots is not going to be conversational commerce.

I respectfully disagree. Here’s how I envision the group chat going down:

YOU joined chat
STEVE joined chat
ROGER joined chat
JEEVES joined chat

You: Zootopia Friday?
Steve: Really? I’d rather see Batman vs. Superman.
Roger: Ditto.
You: Oh, I didn’t know that was out. OK.
JEEVES: 3 Tickets purchased for Batman vs. Superman at [usual venue] at [closest to usual time] on Friday. Anyone can reply “cancel” to back out until ticket pickup or five minutes before showtime. Funds will be withdrawn automatically from group DUDEFUND.

JEEVES: Hi Steve, please send $14.25 to DUDEFUND for the movie tickets. Feel free to send more if you’d like to build the fund!

JEEVES: This week is on me, due to an anonymous contribution to DUDEFUND. Enjoy the show!