Courtney Skott
Feb 24 · 1 min read

That is not a real thing that happens, and the idea that it does is misinformation and fearmongering. In general, women who don’t want to be pregnant terminate as soon as they can, and it would be nice if our politicians weren’t so intent on making it difficult for them to have timely and affordable access. Abortions past the point of viability are much rarer and in most cases are because the parents learned the child had severe birth defects that could not be diagnosed earlier. I believe it is inhumane to both parents and child to force a woman whose baby has been diagnosed with defects incompatible with life at any point to carry that non-viable baby to term. In the ninth month, an emergency C-section might be performed if the mother’s health or the baby’s health is in great danger; but that’s not an abortion, that’s childbirth.

    Courtney Skott

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