It always happens to the “other person” until it happens to you! We are talking about the dreaded lockout situation that can occur at any time, day or night! Lockouts are no respecter of age, income, race or sex; they happen to us all at one time or another! Here at Chesapeake Secure Locksmith we offer some helpful tips on how to handle your next lockout situation. If you never need to use them; more power to you! If you do, stay calm and remember our advice. If you need our assistance getting back inside, we’ll be there. If not, and all works out; give us a call and tell us about it!

Lockouts happen all the time because locks are everywhere!

It’s a fact. Locks surround us at every turn! We have and use locks at work, at home, in our cars, at our businesses; everywhere! We might accidentally lock ourselves out of our bedroom at home, or out of our hotel room in another continent. Even movies and television shows film lockouts on comedies, spy features, crime dramas and documentaries. Lockouts happen because people are people; they make mistakes once in a while, and especially so when they are distracted or under stress.

Emotional rollercoaster

It really is! If you’ve ever been locked out, you know what we mean by this! First you are surprised; are you really locked out? Then you go through a series of different emotions like shock, fear, anger and even humor. How did this happen? Surely you are not really locked out? When reality sets in you start thinking about your options. Here’s where some people make the situation worse; they panic and react. This is never a good idea.

Extreme emergency situations

These are the exception and not the rule! If you locked your keys in the car along with your dog, or small child, and it’s getting hotter by the minute then by all means call police or smash a window! Life or death situations are not what this post is all about. We are relating easy and simple ways to handle everyday lockout situations involving lost or missing keys or common forgetfulness that are not emergencies.

Keep your cool!

Yes, stay calm. Reacting to your lockout situation emotionally only makes matters worse. Not only does this hinder clear thinking, but it also attracts the wrong kind of onlookers. If a person that wants to take advantage of you sees you in distress, it is easy to offer fake help or even physically attack you in an effort to steal your purse, wallet or worse, all while pretending to care about your situation.

Don’t force your way in!

Sure, it’s your property so why not smash your way back inside? There are many good reasons to not do this. Broken windows and bent door or window frames will need to be repaired again and it IS your property so the cost will be yours to bear. Also, the risk of bodily injury is great when emotions run high and when shattered glass and bent metal are around.

Your neighbors and even family members might not even recognize you, and accost you, or even shoot you. There have been plenty of people mistaken for burglars (or worse) that have been harmed or even killed by well-meaning roommates, neighbors or police. Avoid tragedy by staying calm and resorting to the simple and smart tips we offer here.

Smart use of a spare key

Spare keys are actually a good idea! Many of our Chesapeake, VA customers have avoided a locksmith service call by simply making use of one during a lockout situation. It’s important to use your spare key in a smart way. Don’t leave it under the door mat or in the flower pot by the living room window! Instead, try hiding it in the backyard somewhere that is not obvious like a rain gutter or in the gas BBQ.

You can hide a car key this way as well. You can also give a key to a trusted neighbor, friend or relative. You will still have to call them but keeping them on the phone while they get to you also has a calming effect and helps the waiting time go by faster. It also gives you a potential witness in case you run into any kind of trouble while waiting for them to arrive.

Cell phone case

Some smart phone cases have a place where a spare key can fit. Most people are never far from their cell phones at any time. Many even sleep with them nearby, or under the pillow. Chances are, if you get locked out of your car, home or business, your mobile device will not be too far away. Whether you hide a spare key in your case, or just use your smart phone to call for help, you are making good use of modern technology to make your life safer.

Local management office

If you rent your home, office or commercial space, you can try calling the rental office for help. Many offer lockout services and all have spare keys on hand. This option is usually only good during business hours as no one will respond after hours or on holidays.

If you have a local Chesapeake, VA business, you can try leaving a spare key with a neighboring commercial establishment. Do this only if you trust that person. You can actually put your business at risk if your spare key is known to be there and if the wrong persons use it to gain access to your premises.

Call a locksmith!

Don’t be afraid to call for help; professional help, that is. Most all full service locksmith shops in Chesapeake will offer 24-hour emergency service that includes lockout help for residential, commercial and automotive use. If you don’t have access to a spare key or if you don’t trust anyone else to hold one for you, it never hurts to simply call in the lockout experts who provide this service for all who need it.


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