Using the Internet in a Shared Students Hostel

It is very hard to think of a day without being able to log on to your favorite social networking portal and browsing through the web to read about the most trending news on various handles. When you move to a foreign country to pursue your studies, you wouldn’t want to disconnect from your world of friends and others. You would want to stay in touch with everyone and make calls to your dear ones at cheap rates often. Well, this would be possible only if you have a strong internet connection that is easy on your pockets and offer good download speeds. If you are living in a cheap hostel accommodation facility along with plenty of other students, you should take a look at few factors before choosing an internet plan.

Does the place offer free internet connectivity to the inmates? This should be the first thing to check when you move into a shared students’ accommodation facility. You should not however fixate on the word free when you look at this offer. If the connection is free, you might not be able to enjoy good download and upload speeds. More importantly, even if the internet plan comes tagged as free, you might be charged a small amount of money already along with your rentals. You should hence make sure that the download and upload rates offered are up to the mark.

If you’re sharing space with other roommates, you can consider group plans available in your area. Some of the internet service providers will offer amazing plans at a slightly higher rates compared to the usual prices while going for group plans. Since you will share the bill along with your roommates at the students’ homes, you will still end up saving few bucks with better connectivity speeds. However, you should make sure that you choose a plan that will be of equal benefits to all the roommates with whom you’re sharing the plan. The most important thing is to not compromise on the available bandwidth. When you share the connection, you will be using multiple devices at the same time to connect to the internet and this will require better download and upload speeds all the time.

After staying in the students’ flats or hostels, you will be able to understand about the sleeping habits of the other students sharing the facility. You will hence be able to identify the ideal time to use the internet connectivity to enjoy maximum speeds. When the number of users are less, the internet speeds will be better.

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