Programming is never smooth, especially for beginners. Recently, I decided to learn python as it was a requirement by Andela. Going through the home-study was actually the easiest part. I started facing real challenges while coding. I would get so many errors when running I almost gave up. But I never gave up and now I can share my challenges with other beginners who might be feeling the same and those that can relate.

Debugging some codes was frustrating. I would debug one issue only to generate another. Sometimes, one correction would actually create multiple bugs. I still get bugs but at least now I understand that they are normal and that I can debug them with the right mindset and practice. I actually generate less bugs now. It gets easier with time.

Using Git was another challenge for me. I kept using the right commands wrongly or confusing two commands. At some point on the first day using Git I skipped the Authentication process and I did not know what to do next as I had not familiarized myself with the ‘git pull’ command. luckily, I had an amazing facilitator; he made everything look far much easier and better. I can confidently declare that Git commands are no longer a problem to me.

Growing up, my dreams and passions kept changing from time to time. one minute I would be sure of the fact that i wanted to be a doctor, the next minute I would want to be a pilot. In all the cases, in my mind, I wanted to make the world a better place. now that am a grown up, I know for sure that technology is the ultimate way to change the world for the best. with it, am not constrained into a particular field; I can implement it anywhere that needs help. The first time I learned about Andela, it gave me the feeling that it offered such a platform. I had to try it. Everything gets simpler with practice, that is for sure. It is just the begging but I am sure I’ll be so much better in no time.