Whatever stage of Career we are in, feedbacks are absolutely essential for our career progression.

They help us recognise blind spots in our practice and helps in progressing forward.

Feedback can be both negative and positiveΒ . Though sometimes feedback could not be literally interpreted, they are valid for what they are as they express the opinion of the giver.

Feedbacks also provides a techno colour view of our performance and can be very useful to correct if there are any deficiencies in our practice.

Sometimes negative feedback could be a gift or an opportunity for growth as it gives the valuable opportunity of seeing ourselves from other peoples perspectives.

Giving and receiving an effective feedback is an art and has to be crafted skill fully.Its always important to keep in mind the context in which feedback is requested or received.

When giving negative feedback, it will be useful to sandwich it between two positive comments and also provide some suggestions for development.

It’s always good to be generous in giving positive feedback as it may light up some ones day and help them progress in the right direction.

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