Intuitive leadership:

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant, we have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”-Albert Einstein.

As I embarked on this journey as a new consultant, the best advice I received from my mentor was that “Always embrace your authenticity,as a leader you should always think of possible complex scenarios and come out with creative solutions “.

I am naturally an intuitive/ feeling kind of person. I wanted to use this characteristic in my advantage. The downside of being an intuitive/ feeling person is the risk of getting easily overwhelmed at the time of crisis.One of the strategy I have been adopting to avoid getting overwhelmed by being proactive and prepared for any kind of crisis situation that may arise.

Intuitive people can be creative and innovative. We could use our innovative ability to find creative solutions to complex problems.

Another advantage of being an intuitive leader is the ability to gauge the emotional climate of the team and regulate our emotions appropriately to manage each and every situations as they arise.

Being authentic and embracing both our strengths and weaknesses helps in leading from within.

The great executive coach Lolly Doskal states “People take cues from the leader, so make sure your leadership is centered in clear purpose and integrity and that you’re setting an example you want others to emulate. Every leader must first learn to be great within”.

Another important lesson I learnt in my leadership journey is to always embrace your values and be authentic. There is no problem in being vulnerable, it takes courage to show your vulnerability.

Being authentic and vulnerable also makes you very connected to peoples around you which is an essential ingredient for leadership.

Above all enjoy your leadership journey and take each day as it comes as every day comes with a new dawn and a new perspective.

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