Doing, the second step after dreaming.


This quote is something all of us have heard before. Dreams fuel goals, they create ambition, passion and the desire to chase after something that is bigger than ourselves. It’s a romantic notion that gets people fired up almost instantly when you raise the question ‘What’s your dream?’

We’re past that stage now where dreaming about a lush life was difficult. That dream comes to us naturally when we feel trapped in our routines and mundane work.

This is where the difficult part really starts.

It is taking those incrementally steps to actually make your dream a reality that is the most challenging.
If you’re like me, every new years I would set myself a bold and exciting list of resolutions. I would research, plan and get the things I need to achieve my goals, breaking them down into smaller SMART goals (because who doesn’t know smart goal-setting principles).

Yet after my schedule is all set out, I have a complete plan ahead of me, I freeze to take the next step. My ego, pride and inertia kicks in. Things that can’t be planned out or accounted for on paper.

This is where the strength of willpower kicks in.
What I needed to work on first, was being able to force my body outside of its comfort zone, of its routine and muscle memory. I needed to train up my willpower before I can dish it out in large life projects.

It begins with small habitual changes.
For me, this was brushing my teeth at night. I’m usually a slob and can easily ignore the need for brushing my teeth at night because it wasn’t an in-built habit.

If I couldn’t muster up the willpower to brush my teeth at night, how could I do so for exercising 30 minutes each day?

So, for those out there like me, with big dreams but a willpower that struggles to keep up, let’s start small.

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