I’m baffled by the amount of options we have to become whoever we want. When we were younger, this freedom of dreaming and aspiring to be any hero you want in your story was liberating. It felt amazing to daydream about the places you could be, things you could do and people you could meet.

As we grow older, that hasn’t changed. We still daydream about the things we want, people we want to be and places we want to go. Only difference is that our daydreams are tinted with a sense ‘realism’. Don’t mistake this ‘realism’ as pragmatism.

This ‘realism’ traps us. We’ve seen so much failure and discouragement as we grow older that it becomes our new reality. Fear sets into our hearts and traps it in its cage, telling us that we can’t dream; that whatever we want to do is impossible, just look around at all the others around us who have tried and failed. We may occasionally fight back against our jail keeper and push for our dreams, only to have the rest of the world critique us for stepping outside of the box. We encounter our first failure and we accept defeat. We quietly surrender to fear and let it paralyse our dreams.

This is the reality for many bright individuals out there.

Let’s go back to the days when we had a childlike wonder. There was no such thing as failure, only learning and getting back up when we’ve fallen down. Some might say that we’re delusional and unrealistic, but hey, who’s the happier one?

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