Every Belle Deserves Her Beast

With that title you probably think that this post is about BDSM or something incredibly offensive to feminists. Really it’s just an odd title I thought of for a story about my childhood. It is not about sex or needing a brutish man, in fact in this story my beast was a female dog.

When I was little I would often visit my grandparents. At this time, possibly 4th grade, they lived in Buis Creek North Carolina , within walking distance of Campbell University. A college campus, especially one as gorgeous as Campbell is, can be a wonderful place for a young girl to grow up. I would take long walks. I would visit the fountains. I would stop in the Oasis, the school’s general store. I loved my visits there as a kid. For me it was a magical place, but as we all know evil can pop up pretty much anywhere.

One of the things that I loved about visiting my grandparents most was spending time with their beautiful German Shepherd and wolf mix named Lady. She was a strong and beautiful beast with jet black hair and soulful eyes. She was protective and she was playful. Most importantly, she was incredibly smart.

A few days before my story takes place, my grandfather showed me something very interesting about Lady. He had taken her to dog training. This wasn’t your average don’t pee in the house, lay down, fetch type of dog training. This training taught Lady commands in German and sign language. One of these commands was specifically to use for protection. My grandfather showed me this command but warned me to never use it unless I absolutely had to. Unfortunately one day, that week in fact, I had to use it.

I took Lady for her daily walk. That was often my only job at their house and I was perfectly happy to do it. On this day we decided to take the road that went through the college area near the dorms. I don’t know why or how but we ran into some college kids, a small group of older boys. I don’t remember what they said to me, but I remember feeling incredibly uncomfortable. They were trying to act like nice guys like they just wanted to be friends, but I didn’t feel safe with them. I could tell they were up to something. They kept trying to get closer to me, to walk with me and Lady. Finally, ready to be done with them, I told them to leave us alone. To get lost.

I don’t remember why, it may be that one of the boys tried to touch me or get even closer to me, but I remember that I suddenly felt in danger. I could sense something coming. I knew that I needed to do something to get out of this situation quickly so I looked at Lady and I slapped both of my thighs twice. Lady began to circle me, picking up pace and running in an orbit around me. This alone looks pretty freaky and soon the boys began to back off. I told them they had best go and I think they realized I was more trouble than it was worth. They said goodbye and they started walking immediately in the other direction. I could tell that they were frustrated, maybe even mad, but I’m very glad for their sake that they decided to walk away. I don’t think I told them what would happen if they didn’t, but I’ll tell you.

Lady was trained with a special defense command where if you slap your legs one time she began to circle you in a protective ring. She would have attacked anyone that came close to her or me. If I said to stop and come back she would. BUT if they still had not received the hint and I had slapped my legs again, then she would have immediately attacked the current threat. Lady was a great beast. She was protective, young and very strong. She would have destroyed those boys and maybe she would have traumatized me in the process. I honestly don’t know. I’m just glad it didn’t happen.

I am so thankful for those commands and how Lady protected me without even a thought that day. We were on a campus where I had always felt safe and here I was being heckled. We had been so close to the dorms. Who knows what could have happened to me that day if I hadn’t had Lady with me. I will always be grateful to her and the wonderful fuzzy beasts in my life because they give me so much.

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