Feeling “thats my story!” syndrome.

I’m a little frustrated and secretly feeling a little paranoid.

Let me explain.

I recently began Shaunta Grimes Plotting Workshop/A Novel Idea course (look it up!). I decided I wanted to take an old roleplay game of mine and develop it into a book.

The first days of the course roll around and we all begin to post about our plot plans. Numerous people tell me mine sounds a lot like the new Netflix show 3%. My brother is watching this, so I’ve seen bits and pieces.

My story is about the US in the future after the middle class has collapsed. The upper class lives in a private place (a space colony maybe) and once you turn 21 you can participate in this competition called the Cupola to win a chance to go to the special, upper class place. Really though, they are running weapons and mutations tests on them and only the winner lives.

Now, Google the synopsis of the 3%, if you haven’t heard of it. Not really the same, but similar enough that I found it a little discouraging, haha.

I almost considered dropping it, but I talked it out with a close friend and she helped me decide that it was a unique enough story and I should continue.

Today I began working on our settings assignment, so I pulled up the old roleplay files, which by the way are from February of 2016 and I probably worked on it for a week, maybe two before even starting these logs.

I began to read the logs and it all comes back to me. So many ideas. So much I love , but also so much I want to change. But one thing in particular caught my attention. I had originally named the “rich colony” the One%.

Creepy right?

Do I think Brazilian Pedro Aguilera stole my idea some how?



At the actual root of it our stories have almost nothing in common. But it’s a little weird for me, haha. I plan to keep working on this though. I am determined to tell Aberdeen’s story.

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