Using the Power of Habit

Can you successfully employ the power of habit into your life?

Every day, a marketer’s job is to create habits for people. These habits are extremely powerful and we as marketers are attempting to insert our products into customers lives. Yet, attempting to alter these habits is a difficult task. See our habits run everything we do because our life is a series of habits.

If you were to map out every single thing you did during the day I bet you could pinpoint just about everything as a habit. Why have habits become so powerful to us? Well the reason lies with science.

Think about the time you first learned to drive. Do you remember what is was like backing up a car? You grabbed your keys, got into your car, buckled up, adjusted your mirrors, turned the car on, looked over your shoulder, backed your car out, looking out behind you, to your sides etc… you get the point.

​During this time your brain was consistently processing tremendous amounts of information from such a simple task. When you do something new for the first time your brain is firing rapidly running your muscles, memory, eyes, and all the other tasks your body is performing. This pace is not sustainable for long periods of time. Think about it, if you had to do that every single time in your life your body would not be able to keep up. You’d be exhausted. Your brain cannot simply process at this level throughout the entire day.

Habits are the brain’s way of conserving energy to do everyday tasks

Think about when you wake up in the morning. Do you follow the same routine? Have you ever driven somewhere and had no recollection of how you got there? Or have you walked into a room and wondered why are you there? Something kicked into gear and your brain puts your body on autopilot. The better you can understand this concept the more effective you are going to be marketing to customers…

Because habits govern everything that we do [Tweet this]

3 Parts to a Habit

  1. Establish a Trigger
  2. To Get You to Take Some Sort of Action
  3. To Yield Some Type of Reward

Here’s an example. Watch this video and see if you can pick out the 3 parts of a habit.

  1. Trigger — Things are not going well
  2. Action — Eat a Snickers
  3. Reward — You feel better

When you do all of these things you create cravings. This is how Mars (the candy company not the planet) gets people to eat there Snickers bars everyday. (pretty cool)

Yes, this is the reasons why people have gambling and drug addictions, but the same is true for how people become fitness nuts and addicted to health food.

What Does This Have to do With Marketing?

Every ad, display, or product is built around these 3 core parts to a habit. In order to effectively market to your customer, you must have all of these components in your message. There is a lot of marketers out there who may have stumbled into success; however, that success will be short lived if they cannot understand these core principles.

If you really want to be high profitable off people that engage with your product, start to thinking in terms of these 3 parts.

So, let’s talk practical. Whatever your strategy is Facebook ads, email ads, ppc ads etc. You will have a trigger. Most of these triggers stem from health, wealth or beauty. Infomercials do a great job at demonstrating triggers. Next how do you change that habit? You have to reprogram it but substituting something else in. So you as a marketer find a solution to their problem. In return or reward you are giving them hope that you can change their habits. (pretty crazy stuff!)

​Marketers aim to try and figure out the right combinations of these parts and which ones work the best. This is why understanding the customers and knowing what their triggers are is essential.


Remember anything that has to do with selling all deals with tapping into these 3 parts and becoming apart of people’s lives. We as humans are emotional creatures and tapping into people’s behaviors is not bad heck that is what advertising is! This whole industry was born out of people tapping into others routines and if you could become apart of them then you would be extremely profitable. This only becomes unethical or bad if you are using it for bad intentions, but if you can help make someone’s situation better that’s a good thing!

Hope this gave some insight into habits and enables you to ignite some change if your life. Let me know what habits you’ve changed or anything else in the comments below.

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