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I saw the comment listed below after reading an article in the Washington Post this morning detailing why HRC lost to Trump. I thought I would check out the DNC website just for kicks and I was very surprised and disappointed to see that most all of the statements about your website being closed and not interactive seem to be disturbingly accurate.

I am a life long supporter of the Democratic party and have contributed $ to support candidates, however, I find it particularly annoying that the National Democratic Party which I support seems to have constructed a Website making it virtually impervious to interaction with the electorate it purports to represent. I say virtually impervious because I finally found a way (hopefully) to provide feedback after going to the democratic platform page and scrolling through many pages before seeing this responses feedback site. It was not easy to find.

As the commenter states below, It would be nice to have a Website that is more interactive and inviting for the Party faithful and especially for those voters looking for how they can get involved. The website should be a place where the people can easily interact and feel like they are a part of the Democratic Party. The current website looks more like a billboard advertisement looking to tell the voters what the party’s positions are (boring lecture) and asking the voter to donate $ without allowing the voter to become part of the Party. (Read our site, give us money, and go away). Not a great site!

Please consider making the site much more interactive. You could on the very first page of the website enable the voter to click on an inviting link of activities in your area as well as activities of National importance. A way to contact your local officials. A way to provide feedback to your local officials. The Website could be a place to encourage voter activism and enthusiasm by engaging the voter and getting them excited about being able to be an integral part of the Democratic Party. Sadly, as it is currently constructed the current Website is more like the Wall Trump promises to build in order to keep those undesirables on the other side.

Please also see the feedback below I copied from a comment left on a Washington Post article, and I hope someone at the Democratic Party takes this feedback seriously as the current Website could use a serious revamp with respect to becoming interactive and engaging.

Please respond with something other than a canned response letting me know that a real person, somebody with a brain, has actually read and thought about this feedback.

Best Regards,

Charles Robinson

Please also see comment copied below from feedback to a Washington Post Article.


9:31 AM PST

Take a look at the DNC website and then compare it to the RNC website. 
Our failure as Democrats is writ large right there in comparison of the two. 
DNC website: no place to easily and quickly share a comment. No listing of ways to become involved. No schedule of events. No listing of ways to contact local party officials. These should all be right there when you go to the website. 
The message of the DNC website as it is configured says this: we aren’t interested in what you have to say, we aren’t interested in what you want to do to become active, we aren’t interested in helping you connect with local party officials, we aren’t interested in inviting you to events that are upcoming and we really really don’t care about anything but your donation and your signature on a stupid pre written comment because we think you’re too stupid to have ideas on your own. THAT is and has been the message of the Democratic party for the last 30 some years and that is why we are big time losing. DNC officials: Do something right. Copy the RNC’s website!!! When the DNC opens it’s doors and pulls people within the way Republicans have been doing for decades now, then we might start to win again.

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