What you think for cracked or breaked windscreen Repair or Replace?

CSR Windscreen Perth will always try to repair your existing windscreen before a new replacement, saving you time and money. Sometimes, though, the type, the size and position of the damage are such that the windshield has to be replaced. Look at our short presentation to be aware of the variables that determine the possibility of windscreen repair in Perth.

Windshield repair of automotive glass and trucks
The windshield repair requires a 30 minute downtime and has the purpose to prevent the glass crack . Safety, speed and quality are key elements in this process. After a thorough analysis on the feasibility of repairing the rupture is sealed completely.

CSR Windscreen out the repair of car windows, thus avoiding the complete replacement of the windshield, thus saving time and money. The windshield repaired once again has the structural rigidity that he had before the break in ensuring complete safety.

The service Windshield Repair is an expression of the high quality and competence of CSR Windscreen centers, where the safety of your car or your commercial vehicle are always in first place. Windshield repair, when possible, is a specialized intervention that has as its only goal, after the identification of the characteristics of the damage, the guarantee of your safety following the repair itself.

Replacing windshield of car windows and trucks
After verifying that the repair is not possible to replace the windshield in a mere 2 hours, using top quality products that comply with EU regulations. I installed windows are from the same manufacturer of the original spare parts ‘OEM’ and meet the strict quality standards defined by the various automakers.

CSR windscreen makes the replacement of windows of your car by releasing a lifetime warranty on water penetration and 24 months on the glass construction defects.

If you can not perform the repair of your windshield, CSR Windscreen successor shall be using only crystals with quality as the originals, certified by the manufacturer. Today, car manufacturers are using the latest manufacturing technologies, for this install or replace a crystal of a car or a commercial vehicle is a complex operation which requires great specialization and we are able to offer.