One, two, three… I drive on this glittering highway, counting headlights. I’m heading to the local bar for a refreshing drink. One that stings all the way down your throat but that small pain brings relief.

Four, five, six… I finally reach the bar. I slowly walk in, the stench of cigars, old whiskey, and gasoline reach my nostrils. Remembrance, it smells so sweet. I take my spot at the bar and order a whiskey on the rocks. I look at the drink, reminded of an old beach with rocks scattered throughout the water.

Seven, eight, nine… I take a drive back to the old beach. I look around and think of a girl, the girl. Everyone has their first love, she was mine. We sat in the sand looking into the ocean wishing we both could run away. She would take my hand with a gentle grab and look into my eyes. She looked into my pupils, as if they were caves and she wanted the treasure inside of me. I looked back at her but not only at her eyes but also her chocolate shaded hair, her perfect lips, and blinding smile. In my mind everything about her was just stunning, even the imperfections, those were my favorites because those set her apart from everyone else. Like the gap between her front two teeth, her frizzed hair, and lazy eye. Those were the best qualities; no one else had those same qualities. Everyone may have the same shade hair but her frizzed hair set her apart.

Ten, eleven, twelve… I am taking the back road back to my house when I see headlights in my rear view mirror. The flashes of the lights pull me to the side of the road. I get out in a storm ready to go off at the guy but it was her. My blue jean baby. She strolls up to me and wraps her arms around me with a warm loving grasp. “What took you so long?” That was not what I was expecting. “What do you mean?” I ask. “What took you so long to realize I was waiting for you!?” She jumped at me and kissed me like no one has ever before. You know you have the right girl by just kissing their lips. Even just a peck. You can tell this by the tenderness of their lips, the wanting for another, and that connection of passing love from one to the other. I of course felt all that in that one kiss but the strongest one I felt of these was the love.

One, two, three… I lose track of the headlights as I drive with my girl. It turned out she visits the beach randomly to reminisce. She saw my old rusty pickup driving off as she was arriving and followed to catch me. I forgot how easy love really was, when it gets to the basics. I still remember meeting her for the first time. We were just kids at the time. I was just a shy boy with barely an ounce of courage. But when I saw her… man I walked straight up to her saying “Are you what they talk about in church?” She asked what I meant and I replied with the simple answer “Angels”.

Seven, four, fourteen… As I drive down the road with her, I can barely focus. I am filled with so much giddy, it overwhelms me. “Do you still love me?” she asks with a shakily rhythm. I am taken aback by the question. When did I ever stop loving her? Or at least when did she think I stopped loving her? Was it the time she shut me out? When we broke up? It didn’t matter. I hit the brake and look into her eyes. I grab her slender golden arm and say “There once was a man who wished to climb a mountain. But multiple threats encountered him on this mountain. He was bitten by a rattlesnake and rushed down the mountain. He then decided not to climb this mountain but one taller. On this mountain however it was too steep of a mountain to ever reach the top. The man finally settled on the tallest mountain and found it was an easy climb with beautiful flowers on the way up. He then reached the top looked at the view of the whole mountain and knew this was the mountain for him because it brought him no struggles and a beautiful view.” My girl looked at me in confusion. “How does that answer my question?” I chuckle and answer saying “Love isn’t hard to do but something easy that comes to you. You’re the mountain that brings me no struggles and an amazing view.” She rolls her eyes and says “You know you could have just said yes.” She then gives me that beautiful smile with no gap in the teeth. I smile back telling her “I love you.”

Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred… It feels like I’ve been counting for years. But its only been a couple hours. I take her back to her car. We both look at each other with longing loving eyes wishing we could stay and be together. Life isn’t that kind, but love is. I grab her hand and give it a kiss. I don’t want to kiss her lips knowing what those tempt. I hug her and watch her walk away, loving her more as she leaves. I know I will always love her because our love is like when someone throws a pebble into a pond. Sure she is far away but the ripples come to me as new love from her sweeps through me. I love her.