The Bear and The Dove.

Proverbs 3: 34 Surely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth grace unto the lowly.

My new face consists of this rudimentary mask. I am no longer a man but “evil”. No emotion enters my mind, I have one though and one only, evil. The robes I wear drape down my body in their shade of blood red. The crown I wear atop my head is of the finest riches this world has ever seen. People see these marks of greatness I wear and fall to their knees. They respect my power and hope one day they will do enough to have what I own. I love it… all of this.

“Hello there.” An older man with a stout beard and long flowing hair in a bun begins to speak to me. The tone he addresses me in is sharp and pierces my skin. He then randomly recites a passage I was guessing he made up. “There once was a bear wading in a river looking for a fish. He — ” I interrupt the man and asked him what he was doing. The wobbling man struggles to stand erect so he answers me with a simple hand gesture. He raises his hand then goes back to telling his tale. “There once was a bear wading in a river looking for a fish. He was bloodthirsty and looking for the thrill of killing. The bear would kill fish after fish waiting for the right one to come. The humble dove however would eat from the fruits of the earth until he was satisfied. It flew gingerly into the branches picking plump berries off of their branches. As the bear slaughtered fish after fish, he never felt nourished. Within a year the spiteful bear realized the river had ran out of fish. The dove on the other hand simply ate from what was provided. The bear became jealous. When the bear tried to leave the river to eat of the berries, something clicked. That bear decided to let the river take him. The bear sank deep into that rushing water, keeping his stare with the bird until the last drop of river filled his ever looking eyes. It is said the bear still stares at that bird to this day from beneath all that heaping water but the bird eats its berries without a care.”

I heard this blabbering nonsense and made my servants throw that dying old man to the killing world. I distributed more upon more evil to any who would take the gift. Once the beliefs of ours resided everywhere in the world, then we decided to kill any who didn’t believe in us. For years we struck down thousands of people like lighting hitting tree after tree. The flaw to lighting however is sometimes it has trouble striking down certain objects.

Seven people stood on the path that bright morning. Of the seven one was female. She was soft spoken and kindly addressed me. I take my sword from its sheath, asking her to move. She denies so I push her to the side and attack five of the men behind her. Each slice reveals sticky, flowing, red blood. As soon as the five men lay in heaps fertilizing the ground they rest upon, I turn to the woman and raise my blade above my head. It was about to burst like a bolt of lightning but the seventh man walks in front of the girl and raises his hand. It was the old man from years past… He lowers his hand and finishes the manna dripping with honey he was eating. I felt an immense power from him. He speaks once again like he had before. “That tree over the hill that you will pass is quite lovely. It bears much fruit, its bark is strong, and it stands above all other trees. Please remember this…” I hear this random statement and feel an obligation to take off my mask. However my sword fell from its swing when this obligation hits me. It killed the man. One sole tear fell from my eye. No one saw it and I believe it never happened. We then make the tedious task of climbing the hill. Once we descend and get to the tree the man was so interested in, I took a glance. No more than a second. But I could see an engraved fish upon the trunk of the tree. The realization hit me quick and all at once… The old man was not referring himself to the dove but to one of the fish. I then stared as a wave approached, rising higher and higher. Speeding faster and faster. Once the sea settled that same tree stood, engraved, with a dove resting in its branches. How do I know this? I star from beneath the sea…

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