An Open Letter to Medium Staff (from a Brazilian author and e-publisher)

Column “Hiperliteratura” is one of the projects that I have developed with Medium Platform

I start “the letter” thanking “Medium in Portuguese”: you have included my profile (C.S. Soares) in your list of Brazilian authors that deserve to be followed on the platform. I was very pleased with your kindness.

Let’s move quickly to the next topic.

I’ve heard that Medium is reshaping business models and strategies. I mean, I’m very confident that any change will bring benefits and make the platform even stronger.

I sincerely hope that the good work implemented so far in Brazil will continue to advance (my strongest thank you to the Brazilian collaborators of the platform). As an e-publisher, writer and journalist, I soon recognized the immense potential of Medium as a digital publishing platform.

Medium is the future, today!

Therefore, I have migrated my main authoring, publishing and journalistic projects to the Brazilian Medium platform:

Encantados! (Book)

My next book. I have written and shared excerpts on the platform, including using its structure to define the hypertextuality of the narrative. >> Click here to access “Encantados!”

Hiperliteratura (Column)

A periodical column (in development) about curiosities and “behind the scenes” of the Brazilian literature. Again, hypertextuality and column dynamics (composed of 20 sections) are strongly adherent to the Medium structure. >> Click here to access Hiperliteratura.

The Medium in Portuguese platform has features that help Brazilian writers and journalists develop their stories.

They also help Brazilian publishers (including those working in the traditional book market) to think about new and innovative publishing products.

To conclude, I also want to take this “open letter” to especially thank my more than 500 followers on the platform.

Many thanks to each of you for the access, readings, shares and comments. From you, comes one of my greatest motivation to continue persevering in the arduous work of research, analysis, and writing.

Thank you very much, best regards and let’s go!

C.S. Soares
Rio, 02/21/2017

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