The power of Self-belief and Positive Thinking

2006, and at an age of 29 worked as an Accountant at a Printing Press taking care of day to day transactions.

Transformation (Last Ten Years)

2016 - Working as a Senior Web Developer, Tata Consultancy Services.


Joseph Jimson (Jim) was a dejected individual and had lost all hopes to make a decent living when I met him at my friend’s Auto Consultancy at Ernakulam sometime in June 2006

Three of us discussed various business opportunities on how to make money with the limited resources we had. Ultimately the man with degree in Commerce was ready to venture into Programming in which he had no prior education (not even in his schools).

<<The mindset>>

Coming from a family with not much of a financial background, and having lost his father at an early age, Jimson was raised by his Aunt at Kochi. Financial needs forced him to work part-time while he was in college. Unlike most of the kids in Kerala where parents play a huge role in shaping the career, Jimson was a free bird and not having anyone to mentor or guide.

When education is dependent on the money you have, the chances of making it big depends on the mental strength to achieve something in life.

<<How I could contribute…>>

I was able to convince Jim that if he was good at Maths, he would be able to write algorithms and arrive at logic to solve various problems using any of the Programming Languages. I was comfortable with ASP and SQL and hence decided I start teaching something in which I could guide on. But we switched to LAMP stack in couple of days to keep away from licensing related hurdles. Our training camp was the same Auto Consultancy with a seat spared by our friend Praveen. I would visit the shop after my work at TCS and mostly around 9:00 pm the sessions used to go on till 11:30 pm some days. The initial days were really tough and Praveen too helped Jim understand the basics. Jim picked up writing SQL queries in no time. This gave me the belief that he will succeed. For Jim it was the belief that he had nothing to lose and only gain that helped him all throughout the journey.

Six month’s of hard work and lots of tears shed due to my ways of motivation, Jim finally got an opportunity to work in a company based out of Chennai and had their development Center in Trivandrum in 2007. This was the turning point and there was no looking back after this. The commitment and sincerity shown by the guy at work is so high that every lead or manager would do anything to retain such a person in their team.

<<Whats in for Other’s>>

My piece of advise to the younger generation. There are so many youths looking out for a Job opportunity after having completed their degree in any stream, Engineering or Masters. Try to be a source of inspiration telling them what they could achieve if they put in their best efforts to start off as a freelancer. Its natural that they tend to lose heart when they are not Employed. Support them both financially & mentally; Guide them to shape their Technical Skills; You will be their Hero some day. Opportunity will knock on their doors sooner or later. And they will surely be an inspiration to many to lead a better life.