The Ritual

Every Monday at 11:15 am, I invite everyone from work to go to Taqueria del Sol for lunch. Same time. Same place. Every week.

I actually catch some flack for this through two common complaints: there’s no variety and it’s way too early for lunch.

I’m the one who organizes this trip, but it formed organically over time. Many small steps through contributions from others have led to this ritual but I can’t deny that my influence is also a contributing factor. I like tacos and I like to have a quick lunch.

Taqueria del Sol is the kind of consistency. The food isn’t mind blowing, but it is always good. When you go there, you can expect a line out the door unless you get there early. 11:15 early. At that time, you will have the same experience every week.

So, the desire to have a quick and easy lunch is what got us to this point. As we’ve developed this routine, I’ve learned something important: rituals make participation easy.

This ritual is almost certainly the most success social event we have where I work. People from all over the company connect with one another every single week. The ritual creates an environment where participation is the default. Where more effort is required to eat on your own than to join the group.

Until this changes, you know where to find me every Monday at 11:15.