So, you knew that Clinton would win in the beginning of 2016…interesting.
Sherrie Edwards

God, you people. It’s so incredibly frustrating to hear this “cheat her way through the primaries” stuff over and over again. Everyone laughs at Trump when he says that, somehow, there were 3–5 million fraudulent voters who skewed the election so Hillary would win the popular vote. His premise, that she and the democrats are *so powerful* (and sneaky!) that they could wrangle 3 -5 million people who were willing and able to vote early and often to make it happen is, indeed, laughable. (If they could make *that* happen, then how come they didn’t make it happen that she became f***ing President?) O, Trump, you sad, deluded, sociopath, you actually believe such a thing could occur. LOLZ.

But, Sanders’ supporters believe the *even more ludicrous* idea that Hillary *only just* beat Bernie by a mere 3.5 million votes in the primary because she was “cheating” with help from the DNC, who — shocker! — supported the lifelong Democrat a little more enthusiastically than they supported a lifelong Independent who glommed onto the Democratic Party so he’d have the significant structural support that he needed to be taken seriously… And then… no recount! But it was so close! 3.5 million votes would be a breeze to find, “move,” and secure! So, NO LAUGHING! I SAID NO LAUGHING!

I will *never* understand how a group of (I’ll assume) otherwise good people who had the best of intentions, could *fall for such a ridiculous story!* As the news of Hillary taking money for speech gigs (dunh dunh dunh!) and the obviously contrived headlines about her weakness as a candidate, her terminal illnesses, her support of ISIS, etc. came out, you guys bought each and every one of them!

It is truly beyond me that you couldn’t, or wouldn’t, see what was so obviously a ratfucking taking place — no, not just a ratfucking taking place, but a ratfucking *actively* using *you* and your politically-minded pals as game pieces to be played at will by republicans and Russians alike. This reality has kept me up many nights since well before the election, and will likely make a lifelong insomniac out of me, but, no matter how I try to puzzle it out in my head — it can’t be that all of you are *that stupid* — I don’t think I’ll ever come to a conclusion other than this one: like most Americans, Sanders followers are just what they say they aren’t: greedy, selfish, me-firsters, whose salamander minds hear “free college” and immediately, they slither their slimy selves to the edge of sanity to GET IT. FOR FREE. They hear “identity politics” and they ooze some more goo, knowing that is code for: MORE FOR JUST ME! MINE! They read “the forgotten white voter” and they suction their little selves on for the ride: YES! I CAN BE THAT VOTER FOR YOU! JUST GIMME FREE COLLEGE!


America is not the Publishers’ Clearing House, though I can see where you might get confused. Sure, it sounds good on paper, and, hell, why not kill a few trees to order a some magazines (’cause they always give the prize to *those* people, the ones who *fall for it*)? But there’s just a little catch: There. Is. No. Prize. So, yeah. Enjoy your magazines, folks…and just stop thinking about the trees.

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