Defense expects to argue case into next week in Michael Slager trial

Defense attorney Andy Savage said he was working to reshuffle his witnesses after the state said it would not issue a challenge to some of his expert witnesses.

Savage said he had a pair of State Law Enforcement Division agents and an expert from Minnesota who will testify on Monday. He added he was trying to find others who could fill in the day on short notice.

On Tuesday, he expects to call three more expert witnesses, followed by a single expert witness from Canada on the short, pre-holiday testimony day on Wednesday.

After that, Savage said he would likely need three more days of testimony before resting the defense’s case. That means the case could be sent to the jury late next week.

When proceedings resume at 10:30 a.m., attorneys are expected to focus on the seconds leading up to the shooting of Walter Scott.

Defense attorneys Andy Savage and Don McCune flank Michael Slager, center, as they stand waiting for the jury to enter the room. (Grace Beahm/Post and Courier — Pool photo)

The defense will have a little more than two days to continue making its case this week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Court is expected to recess by noon Wednesday.

Already jurors have heard from audio and video experts who presented evidence of the struggle.

However, the audio expert’s testimony was limited after Judge Clifton Newman ruled he could not tell jurors what he thought was being said by Scott and Slager in recordings.

A video expert refuted much of the work done by the state’s video expert, pointing to basic errors in analysis and presentation that presented a misrepresentation of the incident.

He also showed jurors still frames from the often shaky and blurry Feidin Santana video that show Slager and Scott on the ground and Taser wires wrapped around both men in the seconds before the shooting.

Slager is charged in the April 4, 2015 shooting of 50-year-old Scott. A cellphone video led to his arrest on murder charges. But defense attorneys and Slager himself contend Scott gained control of the officer’s Taser during the fight that was not captured on video.