House on Lac Grenier: The Newest Exemplar of Sustainable Home in Canada

Your home can be among the most valuable assets you have in your life that is why it is pretty reasonable why everyone would want the best when building their new home. However, this does not mean that you will only think of your house and just keep the environment issues aside.

Why is sustainable architecture important?

With the never ending environmental issues we have today, many people are getting involved in finding ways to at least minimize the negative impact of building new houses to the environment. And one best way that architects do to minimize this adverse environmental impact is to design homes and buildings that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

With sustainable architecture, green architects utilize a conscious approach to ecological and energy conservation in making the design of the built structure. This approach includes efficiently using energy, development space, materials, and ecosystem in moderation.

Who are these green architects?

Green architects are those who value and understand the need to save our mother earth and those who consider using more organic architecture options when making an ecological design while still melding functionality and beauty.

A good exemplar of a sustainable architecture…

With the growing number of beautifully designed sustainable and solar homes today, more and more people are also getting interested in building their own home with a sustainable architecture design.

One of the notable exemplars of a sustainable architecture is Paul Bernier Architecte’s House on Lac Grenier in Estérel, Canada. This innovative and sustainable residence is built on a lakefront site. It wonderfully blends with its surrounding environment. With this House on Lac Grenier, Paul Bernier Architecte is able to amalgamate site topography and beauty with the use of natural materials.

It is distinctively designed with cedar slats and a green roof which gives room for nature to grow onto the structure itself. The interior features of the structure include three abstract hickory built-in units which provide not only storage but also hide away living essentials.

Through the large glass windows, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding creek and forest. The house can get shaded by the trees that surround it giving cooler temperature during the summer season. The bare branches of the same trees can also provide warmth and sunlight during the cold days. The private areas of the house are nicely separated from the open atmosphere of main minimalist rooms of the house.

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